This Service Charter reflects our commitment to ensuring that the mission’s activities are well managed in a less costly but more efficient manner in order to deliver quality service to all our clients and get the best out of scarce resources. The Charter recognizes the key role played by all our clients and stakeholders in ensuring that it meets its pledges. The purpose of this charter is therefore to establish clarity of our services to our customers. The Charter represents a basis for continuous improvement as we reinvent our Mission to meet the needs and expectations of our clients in Türkiye and the Kenyan people in particular.


To be a model diplomatic mission contributing to better relations between Kenya and Türkiye and a prosperous Kenya


Meet the needs and aspirations of Kenyans through innovative trade and commercial, diplomatic & political engagements in line wıth Vision 2030.


To engage the Government of the Republic of Türkiye, Business People, organizations, and stakeholders that have steered the development of Türkiye as we articulate Kenya’s foreign policy.


Patriotism, Professionalism, Integrity, Dignity, Accountability and transparency, Loyalty, Discipline, Team spirit, Collective responsibility, Equity and Innovation


Services/Goods rendered




Interface with the Government
of the Republic of Türkiye
Meetings Nil Continouous
Response to communication Receipt of
  • Within five (5) working days for letters
  • Immediately for emails
  • For complex issues, will give initial reply of when full response should be expected
  • As per the indicated timeline for internal communication
Payment of goods and services Accurate supporting documents e.g. invoices etc Nil Within five (5) working days.
Provide technical or analytical reports
  • Receipt of a request
  • Availability of information
  • Within 14 days for analytical reports
  • Within 7 days for technical reports
Facilitate & coordinate bilateral negotiations & implementation of agreements Receipt of a written request Nil Within three (3) months
Authentication of documents &
issue of travel documents
Receipt of a request Ranges from $15 to $200 
  • Immediate
  • Within 14 days those referred to Nairobi


Answering to incoming calls Incoming calls Nil Answer within 10 seconds or maximum of three rings
Attending to visitors Arrival of visitors Nil
  • Within 5 minutes for visitors with appointments
  • Within 10 minutes for visiors without appointments
Provide/disseminate information
  • Request received
  • Availabilty of information
  • Promptly for verbal requests
  • Within 5 working days for written requests 
  • Regularly for dissemination