The Ministry of Interior and Cordination of National Government has advised that Kenyans in Diaspora will collect their Huduma Namba Cards in the respective missions of their registration. Those wishing to collect their cards in another mission can choose the convenient mission through the Huduma Namba Diaspora portal which is being developed  and Access link to be communicated.

Please note that a toll free number +254-0800221111 has been provided for kenyans abroad to make enquiries.

Further, while in Kenya, one can choose a preferred collection point using the portal after which a link will be given through SMS text or simply dial  0800221111 for assistance.

The Huduma Number Secritariet has also developed and operationalized email: for use by the diaspora community.

The Kenya Embassy in Ankara will notify you as soon as we start receiving and dispatching Huduma Namba cards.

To view the frequently asked questions, you can visit