Certificate of Good Conduct

Letter of request to the Embassy,
Duly filled C 24 Application form (biographical details)
Copy of passport and Original second generation Kenyan ID card for certification
2 coloured passport size photographs
$ 30 application fee

Certificate of no impediment to Marriage

2 application Form MA5 duly filled. (click to download form)
Duly filled Declaration of Commitment to Marriage form (fiancé and fiancée) ( click to download form ) You may choose to write or fill up the attached form of Commitment to Marriage.
For divorcees or widowed Kenyans, two copies of supporting documents ( in english ) l.e Divorce decree or the late spouse's death certificate 
Original birth certificate
Copy of Kenyan passports for the applicant and fiancé ( certified by notary )
2 coloured passport size photographs each
Letter of request ( The Registrar of Marriage, Nairobi Through: The Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya Ankara, Türkiye )
$ 120 fee

NB1: To get married in Türkiye in the ordinary way, at least one of the partners must be a resident in Türkiye

NB2: Persons who apply for the certificate of No Impediment to Marriage directly without passing through the Embassy must have the Certificate legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nairobi to enable the Embassy issue the “Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi

NB3: Issuance of this certificate involves some search by the Registrar of Marriages to establish the Civil Status of the applicant. For this reason, it takes time and it is advisable to apply well before the planned date of marriage (preferable 3 months in advance)

Certificate of canine importation

A letter of request from the pet owner, original pet owner’s passport, -an authenticated International Veterinary Certificate,
Pet’s original passport showing all the vaccinations,
Antibody test document as prescribed in the WHO animal health manual
$ 60 fee

Certificate for transportation of human remains/ashes to Kenya

Letter of request,
Copy of death certificate or death notification,
Passport copy of the deceased.
Burial permit in case of transportation of ashes.
$ 30 fee

Certificate of Family status

Copy of your passport.
Copy of your birth certificate.
Letter of request or declaration
Two passport size photographs.
$ 30 fee


Authentication of signatures and documents

A letter of request,
The original document duly authenticated by the relevant authority,
Copy of the original document
$ 30 fee (per signature)


Application for a Kenyan Birth Certificate

Form BDA1 dully filled, -authenticated foreign birth certificate, (click to download form)
Copies of parents passports,
Copies of parents birth certificates
$ 30 fee


Authorisation of business documents

A letter of request,
The original document duly authenticated by the relevant authority,
Copy of the original document
$ 200 fee